PLURAL. A situation established in 2009 by Heman Chong based on the idea that artistic practices should be built on long-term research processes. Harnessing the energies of our inherent nature for curiosity, these research bodies will be utilized as new content for a extended body of works. By collectively developing strategies to instigate in-depth, concise artistic research amongst artists, PLURAL will formulate artistic production as an extension of artistic research.

The roots of PLURAL lies in the communication between artists Heman Chong, Genevieve Chua and Ang Song Ming that began in December 2007. A series of conversations (mostly on Skype) involve the artists in a discussion about their artistic work, and in extension, everyday life. Sharing their views about concepts, exhibitions, presentations, source material-- what transpired was a system of individuals educating one another, without any strict hierarchical confines. Many ideas and works were scrutinized and reworked within these dialogues.

The vision of PLURAL is ultimately, one that is of a influential process; to proliferate a discursive process out of conventional academic circuits. Participants of PLURAL will play the role of viruses to influence and affect other artists within their communities. This will be achieved via intense dialogues, not only at the annual workshops, but on a frequent basis, in person, over email or on Skype. Its a way of sharing information, knowledge and skills that both artists and audiences can benefit from.

Yet PLURAL is more than a mere network of people. It is a production company, that produces thought processes, which then leads into an aesthetic and philosophical production. It is an institution, but refrains from the unimaginative ways of institutionalizations that is endemic to collective activity. It has no permanent address, but a cluster of addresses that can be triggered for multiple purposes, be it a seminar, or a book launch. It benefits from the generosity of its surrounding community. We will maximize the electronic networks to generate networks of interested parties, and sustain that interest via the creation of new content. We want to create an extended circle of participants with this process. We will overcome the slow and obsolete notions of idea protectionism and seek to evolve ourselves by being open-source.

Currently we are :
Ang Song Ming
Heman Chong
Genevieve Chua
Chun Kaifeng
Ho Rui An
Michael Lee
Charles Lim
Matthew Ngui
Joanne Pang
Ming Wong